The Catholic Bishops of Kaduna province visited Kujama on 9/12/ 2019, to encourage and pray with the community after the series of attacks by herdsmen sometime this year. Leading the delegation was the  Archbishop of Kaduna Most Rev.  Matthew Manoso Ndagoso, Bishop  Matthew Kukah, Bishop George Dodo, and Bishop John Niyirin. The visitation ended with the Holy Mass at Kufana.

Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah speaking on behalf of the provincial Bishops said "The Bishops of the Province came to pay them sympathy visit to the people on the unfortunate incidents that plagued their communities. The visit wasn't possible earlier even though the Archbishop of Kaduna was informed and he communicated it to the rest of them.

He said the Catholic Church identifies with people of all faith as a sign of our common humanity.

"People of all faith in Nigeria to cooperate, unite and collaborate so as to defeat the intention of the perpetrators of evil and violence. The moment the criminals  realise the understanding,  they will run away.

"The Bishops donated the sum of N2.5million in aid of those affected in the attacks by the murderous herdsmen.

"A similar attack occurred somewhere in a Muslim community in Zamfara state. When i went to sympathise with the people a fulani woman asked why I visited as there was not a single Christian among them. I told her that we worship God and not men, therefore we came to identify with them in their grief".