The Kukah Centre in collaboration with the Department for International Development (DFID) and TheNational Peace Committee (NPC) organized a one day seminar on WOMEN, PEACE AND SOCIAL COHESION held at the Goshen Event Centre, Tamaji, Sokoto, Sokoto State.

During his presentation on the topic "Raging Conflicts in Nigeria and its Impact on Women", Dr Mansur Buhari of the Department of Linguistics, Usman Danfodi University Sokoto  highlighted on the different levels of conflict faced by women in our society today. He also noted that according to a World Bank report about 1 in every 3 women are victims of physical, emotional, sexual or economic violence. He therefore stressed the need for women to change the narrative from the culture of silence that facilitates violence against them.

In another presentation Dr Aisha Umar also stressed the important roles women play in promoting peace in the society. Dr Umar said that women should learn to take responsibilities, be active participants in their role of child up-bringing because every form of violence begins from the home and whatever the child learns and sees from the home eventually becomes what he/she gives to his/her society.

The event was attended by the Commissioner for Women Affairs in Sokoto State, representatives of religious bodies, and different women and youth groups within the metropolis.

Expressing satisfaction with the turnout at the event, Miss Hajara Waziri the Gender desk officer for The Kukah Centre said “the conversation held here made a lot of sense and apart from just having the normal talk, the reaction was really positive from the speakers and even the reaction of the participants. She added that “though this is the first program of the year subsequent events and follow-up processes will be put in place, as peace is a process one cannot just achieve in a day, so we all have to keep working.”