Memorial Mass in honour of Innocent, Simon and Jacinta

 A Priest of the catholic diocese of Sokoto yesterday celebrated a one year memorial mass in honour of three corp members who lost their lives  along Katsina/Malunfashi road in an auto crash on their way road to the celebration of his First Ordination Mass.
In his homily, Rev. Fr Nuhu Bala said “We have gathered here dear friends in Christ as people of faith, in thanksgiving and not in grief because we are sons and daughters of God. We give Thanks to God for a life well spent of our brothers and sister. He also read an excerpt of a fifteen page letter sent to him by one of the victims who survived the crash.
“…there is something that is very certain that is ‘Death is inevitable’. Death has no eyes, it is not a respecter of of your academic or social class, in fact ‘Death is blind’ that is why the word that is closely related to death in Hausa is ‘Mutum’ meaning ‘human being’ and  by replacing the last alphabet with ‘wa’  it becomes Mutuwa’ meaning death. So By mere calling the human person ‘Mutum’ it therefore reminds the human person that death is inevitable.
“But then something is outstanding in the death of these our brethren, some die in the streets, some die in the beer parlours, some die while fighting and others die in a viewing centre but these ones died while on their way to the celebration of a Mass.” He went further to say that as sons and daughters of God and as Christians we should know that death is not an annihilation of life but death is a transition to a greater life.
He thanked all youths for turning out to join him in the celebration he tagged Thanksgiving for the gift of youthfulness especially the gift of the Catholic Youth Organization (CYON), National Association of Catholic Corps Members (NACC) and Youth Apostolate of Sokoto.
Rev. Fr John Ocheku who was also in attendance thank everyone present unbehalf of all his classmates.