Members of the Armed Forces Chaplains of Nigeria are currently in Sokoto for their Annual Conference, Retreat and Training which begun on 22nd of October 2019 with an opening mass.

The Mass was officiated by His Lordship Most Rev. Wilfred Chikpa Anagbe, CMF at St Peter’s Catholic Chaplaincy Giginya Barracks Sokoto. During his the homily the Bishop expressed his satisfaction with the his Lordship Most Rev Dr. Matthew H. Kukah though unavoidably absent but grant the permission to host the Navy, Air Force and Army Chaplains who have travelled from different parts of the country to Sokoto.

In his homily titled ‘Our Vocation to the ministry of the priesthood, a gift not an entitlement’ In the Words of St. Paul to Timothy he said “I remind you to retrieve the gift of God that is within you through the laying of hands 2Tim 1:6.

The bishop highlighted the importance and relevance of the priesthood which according to him is a gift to be presented to the people of God through service. He quote the words of the Holy Father the Pope “We as priest we did not sign an agreement or we are not handed an employment contract rather hands were lay on us so that we may in turn extend our hands raise to intercede to the brothers and sisters”. As Jesus Christ Choose his disciples so also we are chosen to propagate the word. Jesus choose his disciples not that he selected them, the language is clear that he choose not select. You choose something from whatever is available and you choose what you want, but if you are ask to make a selection you select from the best. We priest are chosen and not selected because we are not the best.  

He also thanked the laity and clergy of the diocese for being present to welcome them and prayed for the grace of God to guide and keep the priest in the ministry of our Christ.

Immediately after the opening mass the priest pay a visit to the Sultan palace. Thereafter, they all return to the pastoral centre for the opening ceremony.