Catholic Cadet Organization of Nigeria (CCON)


  1. To identify the yearning and aspiration of the catholic youth organization of Nigeria (CYON).
  2. To uphold and promote the faith, doctrine and tradition of the Catholic Church.
  3. To follow a path that leads to spiritual development through personal and communal prayer, bible study and participation in the sacramental life of the church.
  4. To pledge support and loyalty to the constituted authority of the Catholic Church in its mission of the world.
  5. To be good ambassadors of Christ.
  6. To help build a healthy social relationship with non-catholic.
  7. To uphold the unity, honour and glory of the federal republic of Nigeria.
  8. To identify with the yearning and aspirations of the youth wing of the Christian association of Nigeria (CAN).


  1. To teach and defend the catholic faith.
  2. To provide security.
  3. To give first aid.
  4. To control traffic particularly during religious occasion.
  5. To help maintain and sustain discipline.
  6. To visit motherless homes.
  7. To visit hospitals.
  8. To visit prisons.
  9. To visit destitute.
  10. To provide entertainment.
  11. To settle disputes.
  12. To maintain sanitation.
  13. To teach catechism.



  1. Leadership training.
  2. Map reading.
  3. Mountaineering and hiking.
  4. Drill.
  5. Games and sport.
  6. Home economics.
  7. Physical fitness and self defence.
  8. Citizenship training.
  9. Pilgrimages.
  10. Christian leadership and fellowship.
  11. Retreats.
  12. Revivals.
  13. Excursion to places of geographical importance
  14. Training and maintenance of a body of men and women thorough efficient first aid and auxiliary nursing.
  15. Providing auxiliary services to the sick and injured in and out of hospital.
  16. Providing field medical services to the armed forces.
  17. Propagating the catholic faith and service to GOD and mankind.
  18. Day and night navigation.


  1. Edwin K. Anaeme                                               Diocesan Commander
  2. Stephen M. Udoh                                                Deputy Diocesan Commander
  3. Joseph Zawua                                                    Diocesan Adjutant
  4. Amalimeh Simon                                                 Director of treasury
  5. Jude M. Adogama                                               Director of Intelligence
  6. Benjamin John                                                     Director of Training
  7. Pascal Nwobodo                                                 Director of Information
  8. Adejoh Syvanus                                                  Director of welfare
  9. Williams  Adams                                                 Provost Marshal 1
  10. Peter Eze                                                             provost Marshal 2
  11. Emmanuel  Anyanwu                                          Quarter master
  12. Blessing Edwin                                                   Director of finance



  1. Edwin K. Anaeme                                                 070345994882
  2. Stephen M. Udoh                                                 08035599095
  3. Joseph Zawua                                                       08022025940
  4. Amalimel Simon                                                   08035546175
  5. Jude M. Adogama                                                08039653419
  6. Benjamin John                                                      07068846957
  7. Pascal Nwobodo                                                   07038920841
  8. Adejoh Sylvanus                                                   08039690682
  9. Williams Adams                                                    07035358453
  10. Peter Eze                                                               08133476723
  11. Emmanuel Anyawu                                              08037064562
  12. Blessing Edwin                                                     08032504813