Social Services

The Catholic Diocese of Sokoto has several social programs working to promote global solidarity, justice and peace, with concern for the respect and dignity of human life. We invite you to put your faith in action. Opportunities exist to help alleviate hunger, promote peace and non-violence, and give hope to poor and low-income Nigerians struggling to build a better life. With the wisdom and help of Catholic organizations and campaigns, we can transform our world to reflect the Gospel more fully. 


St. Vincent de Paul Society

The Society seeks, in a spirit of justice and charity and by person-to-person involvement of its members, to help those who are suffering. The Society is concerned not only with relieving need but also with addressing the situations that cause it. It serves persons in need regardless of creed, opinion, color, cast or origin.

Justice, Development & Peace Commission (JDPC)

The Justice, Development, Peace/Caritas is a structural response to the Second Vatican Council Appealing for the Church’s involvement in the affairs and development of the society. continue reading...