The Justice, Development, Peace/Caritas is a structural response to the Second Vatican Council Appealing for the Church’s involvement in the affairs and development of the society.

The commission’s activities covers the geographical area of the Catholic Diocese of Sokoto, which embraces 4 States in North-West of Nigeria; Sokoto, Kebbi, Zamfara, Katsina States with 24 parishes and over 50 outstations and program offices in all the states we cover.

The JDPC Sokoto is part of a national network of JDPCs in the 49 Catholic Dioceses in Nigeria, coordinated Nationally by the Catholic Secretariat based in Abuja.

In recent time JDPC sokoto is/has

  • Currently implementing and imparting in the ongoing Feed the Future Nigerian Livelihood Project from USAID through Catholic Relieve Services (CRS) 2013-2018 with the intermediate result 3 (IR3) centred on Nutrition and WASH activities
  • Mobilized and engaged 1,050 volunteers to observe the 2015 Nigeria elections across the four states, through the support of DFID through Open Society Initiatives for West Africa (OSIWA). 2015
  • Collaborated with the YAR’ADUA CENTRE to maximise the use of CASE mobile platform for election observation. 2015

Facilitated with CAFOD  Learning Network on election observation best practices for West Africa. 2015

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To have a society where Gods’ kingdom is enthroned for human development.


To promote peace and justice for human development, using existing networks and also creating new ones in our target communities in Nigeria through advocacy, mobilisation, empowerment and capacity building.

Core Values

In carrying out our work, we are guided by the following values:

  • Dignity of the human person.
  • Equality among people.
  • Transparency.

Respect to others view.

Main Objective

To develop and support strategies for sustainable development and promotion of justice and peace through networking, collaboration, advocacy, community mobilisation, participation, capacity building and creating community ownership in the states.

Specific Objectives

  1. To promote advocacy for better peace, justice and development
  2. To mobilise target communities to support programs that can enhance peace, justice and development
  3. To improve networking and collaboration among identified interested implementing partners
  4. To carry out capacity building and empowerment activities to improve peace, justice and development among target communities
  5. To create and maintain community ownership among target communities to improve peace, justice and development

To provide support services that can promote justice and peace for development.


Contact Postal Address: 

St Bakhita Diocesan Secretariat,
#1 Aliyu Jodi Road,
P. O. Box 2556,


Mobile: 09099705589, 09020134443  


  1. Agricultural Development.
  • Farmers institutional development
  • Farm input and marketing service
  • Veterinary and technical service
  • Training and support to youth in agriculture.
  1. Nutrition
  • Water Sanitation and hygiene promotion.(WASH)
  • Promotion of nutritional Supplements.
  • Community led total Sanitation. (CLTS)
  1. Good Governance and Democracy
  • Election monitoring
  • Popular participation (town hall meetings)
  • Human rights education
  • Democracy monitoring
  1. Research and Policy Advocacy
  • Budgets analysis and advocacy
  • Legislative advocacy
  • Pro-poor policy advocacy
  • Gender mainstreaming
  1. Conflict Resolution/Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Conflict management
  • Peace building
  1. Legal Assistance/ Prisons
  • Legal aid
  • Legal counselling
  • Legal service for awaiting trial persons
  • Public interest litigation
  1. Gender and Women Empowerment/ Micro Finance
  • Women’s right promotion
  • Women empowerment
  • Gender analysis of policies and programmes
  • Women institutional development
  • Promoting savings among rural women
  • Savings and credit scheme for small scale farmers
  • Providing micro-credits for poor women
  1. Relief, Disaster and Emergency Aid
  • Rehabilitation, training and care of refugees and displaced persons
  • Emergency relief
  • Support for physically abused victims of social injustice
  • Rehabilitation, training and care of prisoners

Media/communication for development.

  Phone Email
Rev. Fr. Lawrence Emehel 09099705589 chykoshi@gmail.com
Alex Nwokedi 08062081582 anwokedi82@gmail.com
Rita Igweilo 08033749778 ritaigweilo@yahoo.com
Paul Oche 07037712420 pauloche2000@yahoo.com
Solomon Enokela 08034003997 emmy772k8@yahoo.com
Jevizu Chibuzor 08035281101  
Deborah Adamu 08139563595 deborahadamu24@gmail.com
Doris Ayamere 07067137910  
Martin Musa 08035528899 thoma4martin@gmail.com
Stella Akudo 08064672370  
Valentine Aliyu 08113935938  


Number of full-time staff: 11

Number of part-time staff: 4

Number of volunteer : 987 across Kebbi, Zamfara, Kastina and Sokoto States

JDPC Catholic Diocese of Sokoto