Bishop Kukah Interacts with Laity in Sokoto

Bishop Kukah Interacts with Laity in Sokoto.
By Matthews Otalike
The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Most Reverend Matthew Hassan Kukah has held an interactive session with leaders of lay apostolate organizations in Sokoto Deanery.
Addressing the laity after fielding questions, Bishop Kukah lamented the increasing insecurity in the country. Those terrorizing the country he observed may not be more than 10,000.
The Bishop said the country experiencing what we’re going through shows the state has lost its soul. He noted that many Christians including Catholics have not shown the passion for defending the Church with their lives.
He said many Christians have relapsed into the comfort of especially city life. Such comfort over time rubs the soul of the passion and desire for the sacred and for good.
The Bishop pointed out what is not especially right with most lay people who display greater loyalty to their town and Community meetings than to the church. Such conduct he says is an indication of the dying passion for God.
He said the question each christian should ask himself or herself is: What is my priority in this life? Until you identify your life’s priority, you cannot think properly and act as a Christian.
Bishop Kukah urged the laity to be resilient in witnessing to Christ in their daily lives.
During the interactive session which was also attended by seven priests and six religious, the lay representatives of from all Parishes and and chaplaincies in the Deanery fielded questions bothering them.
Among the questions was the concern of a particular Parish was the non-existence of the laity council in the Parish.
The Chairman of Sokoto Deanery Laity Council, Kingsley Ogbe praised the unique leadership of the Bishop, especially instituting the interactive session and the many projects he 
The Vicar General Administration, Very Rev Fr Nuhu Iliya thanked the Bishop for sparing time to be part of the interactive session.