All those critical of the Christmas message of the Catholic Bishop of Sokoto, Most Reverend Matthew Hassan Kukah, are free to come up with better ideas on how to navigate the nation.

Bishop Kukah stated this while fielding questions from journalists Monday evening at the Bakhita Secretariat, Sokoto.

He said only feeble minds think of his statements as indication of intention to go into party politics. He said all have the right to hold political views and for him as a priest and conscience of society, nothing stops him from speaking truth to power.

Bishop Kukah said it is disingenuous and uncharitable to impute his message as invitation to regime change.

He restated the aspect of his message to the effect that if all that President Buhari had done were carried out by a non-northerner, that person wouldn't have been tolerated. Those twisting the statement know it's a fact.

As a northerner himself, Bishop Kukah said he has nothing against Islam and Muslims adding that it's people who play religious card to personal and political advantage that are enemies of the north and the nation.

Bishop Kukah's media get together is an annual event at the close of year.