Few days after the Cathedraticum was kicked off at Kebbi Deanery, the Bishop move to Katsina Deanery for the continuation of the annual Cathedraticum. In his homily, Bishop Kukah said "what Christianity offers us in terms of the moral equipment we require to survive in life will not activate itself until we are prepared to call on the Lord." That is why St Paul says in his 2nd letter to Corinthians 4vs7-8 'We carry the treasures God has given us in vessels of clay so that all these surpassing power will not be seen as ours but Gods'. Trials of every sort come to us but we are not discouraged'. The important thing is: what happens when a Christian falls? What happens when a Christian faces danger and temptation? We are not without an answer that’s what St Paul says but we do not despaired even if there is no answer. We are persecuted yet not abandoned; we are knocked down but not crushed and every moment we carry in our person the death of Jesus Christ. So whether you are denied promotion or job opportunities because you are a Christian, note that it is not just because you are answering the name of Christ, it is because your life and principles are so strong that they fight against the exigencies of the moment, not because your name is John, Theresa or Cecilia but because of the principles of life that are in you and because the world is hostile to that principle, you will suffer persecution. But this is what Jesus did and St. Paul reechoed, when he tells us that we have been taught how to cope with the difficulties of life.

The Bishop thanked and reassured the host deanery of his commitment towards utilizing the resources generated from the cathedraticum when he said ‘‘we should consider proceeds of this cathedraticum not as Bishops money but as income for the diocese of Sokoto and so it will always as usual move to the chancery, from the chancery it will move to the account of the diocese and it will come back to answer some of the questions raised.

Katsina Deanery presented a total of 62 cows to His Lordship, Most Rev. Dr. Matthew H. Kukah. As a annual event of each deanery, St Martins de Porres’ Catholic Church Katsina, Katsina State is the chief host of the deanery.

After the Eucharistic sacrifice of the Mass, the Bishop, concelebrating priests and the entire congregation present went to the building site of the proposed church hall for the blessing and commissioning of the building project. This solemn act was carried out by His Lordship.

With a view to encouraging active participation in all parts of the ecclesia life, the Bishop has earlier had a round-table pastoral meeting with the delegates of the different parishes of the deanery.