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Morning Homily: Pope Contrasts Restlessness Made by Holy Spirit and Anxiety Caused by Unclean Conscience

There is a restlessness in the soul that comes from the Holy Spirit and another that comes from an unclean conscience, Pope Francis said today at morning Mass in the Casa Santa Marta.

According to Vatican Radio, the Pope spoke of this good and bad anxiety, drawing from the account of Herod’s state after he killed John the Baptist:

Sermon at the 60th anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima

Depending on what you believe in, life seems to be a set of circles. For Buddhism, the belief in reincarnation means that we are endlessly changing from one being to the other. This has helped to create order, discipline, respect and cohesion in the Asian societies where it is a dominant religion. For example, this religion has tended to instill some kind of fear of the unknown. It also preys on our human tendency and wishes to be better and happier.