1445 H. / 2024 A.D.
Christians and Muslims:
Extinguish the Fire of War and Light the Candle of Peace
Vatican City
Dear Muslim brothers and sisters,
Once again we greet you on the occasion of the month of Ramadan with a
message of closeness and friendship, aware of the importance of this month for your
spiritual journey and for your family and social life, which also embraces your
Christian friends and neighbours.


Bishop Kukah Receives Mundo Negro Award

The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Northwest Nigeria Most Reverend Matthew Hassan Kukah has received the 2023 Mundo Negro Award.

The award was announced last year by the board of the Spain based Mundo Negro magazine. The focus of the magazine is among others, to identify and honour individuals who, through their work, promote the cause of the black race everywhere in the world.


'Keep Watch Over The Heart, Recognize And Reject Evil', Pope Francis

Beginning a new series of catechesis on the virtues and the vices opposed to them, Pope Francis at his weekly General Audience explains how the Scriptures and the masters of the spiritual life urge us to reject evil at its root and highlights the importance of safeguarding the heart.

By Thaddeus Jones

Pope Francis welcomed pilgrims attending his General Audience in the Paul VI Hall on this Wednesday, just two days after Christmas.


‘Holy Orders is Reserved for Men’, Pope Francis

Pope Francis reaffirmed the impossibility of women becoming priests, or even modern Church deacons, in an interview for a book released Tuesday in Italy.

The question of whether some women in the early Church were “deaconesses” or another kind of collaborator with the bishops is “not irrelevant, because holy orders is reserved for men,” the pope said.



Synod on Synodality Ends: Proposes Larger Role for Laity

The Vatican released the Synod on Synodality’s “synthesis report” on Saturday night outlining key proposals discussed during the nearly month-long assembly’s confidential conversations.

The highly anticipated text was approved paragraph by paragraph on Oct. 28 by a vote of 344 Synod delegates, which for the first time included women and other non-bishops as voting members.

The document, proposes a “Synodal Church” that implements synodality throughout Church governance, theology, mission, and discernment of doctrine and pastoral issues.


Bishop Kukah Cuts Nigeria’s Independence Cake In The U.S

That the Catholic Bishop of Sokoto, Northwest Nigeria loves Nigeria with passion is not in doubt.

Even as he arrived South Bend in the United States of America, he had to mark the First October independence of Nigeria by cutting the cake designed with the colour of the Nigerian flag.

His Excellency John Cardinal Onaiyekan, joined Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah and some Priests including Fr. Chris Omotosho of Sokoto Diocese now on study in cutting an Independent cake in a Parish in South Bend